These a bunch of patches I have written or improved for my needs. If you find them useful, you can use th em. I wont support these, these patches will most likely not make mainstream for multiple reasons and in most cases I have no intention to make them mainline.

I have collected all my patches in a git directory, for simplicty but you can easily download them one by one.

The patches are hosted at my github


This is an updated patch st to enable scrollback. What I didn't like about the first patch was that it didn't stop scroll when the history ended and left blank "gibberish" in the terminal. My patch builds on this patch but actually stop scrolling when the history ends (this also forces scrolling down to be modified since now you can up half a screen and such). It works just like old version, so you can lookup the documentation for that patch. Also all creds goes to the people who wrote the old patch.