hs-xmltv - show whats on tv in the terminal

hs-xmltv is part lib and part program, the program is called just tv and writes it's output to the terminal, with a lot of prettyprinting etc. It's written in haskell since I needed a haskell-lib for xml-tv and the program is an offspring.

The source is pretty horrible atm but it's getting better. For more info check the manpage.

There is a C version in the works.


To build you need Haskell. I recommend the standard Haskell platform with ghc, some other compiler might work but I haven't tried. To install all the dempendencies, check the tv.cabal. To install with cabal, do:

cabal install



To get the latest, maybe not so stable source

git clone https://github.com/dagle/hs-xmltv

You can also browse the online repository


hs-xmltv is released under the MIT License.