Hermite - A terminal for the controlfreak

Hermite is a terminal but in very different way. It was spawn of from the terminal Termite but have derivde to a different path. Hermite uses the same model as XMonad and requires dyre to be installed. Hermite doesn't have any hard dependencies on any terminal (but uses vte atm as a default) and can use a tmux as a layer rather than directly working with the terminal area. More examples will come when the code is stable.

Atm the code is really unstable, many things isn't pushed and it might not even compile. Also, the code might be horribly slow atm.

This project is pretty much dead, maybe it will live again as an interface between a vt and the user. Problem is that I feel st patched to my needs is the best terminal I have ever used.


The dependencies will most likely soon change, might become optional etc etc but atm:

You need an install of the Haskell because Dyre requires it. I recommend the standard Haskell platform with ghc, some other compiler might work but I haven't tried.

You need dyre, use your packagemanager or:

cabal install dyre

to install with cabal

Atm I'm using VTE as the terminal (the patched version from termite) so you need that with according haskell bindings (I will uploading them as soon as I clean them up).



To get the latest, maybe not so stable source

git clone https://github.com/dagle/hermite

You can also browse the online repository


Hermite is released under the MIT License.